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"Thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to come speak to our group last night.  Your presentation was extremely helpful to our parents.  It was well received by the attendees and very timely.  Maryland children with learning challenges are lucky to have a great team like you on their side." 

- Parent volunteer from CHADD



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Special Education Workshops and Trainings for Parents and Educators

See below for a sampling of recent workshops, information sessions and trainings by ABCs for Life Success consultants. Each member of our team has worked in both public and private settings, and offers a wealth of knowledge, practical advice, and expertise about the special education process.  Workshops may be tailored to meet the needs of a target audience or specific goals.  Please contact us at 301-593-5166 to request a workshop or for more information.Michelle Davis in workshop

Presentation at CHADD Regional Education Conference - May 19, 2012


"Working Effectively with Your Child's School" - Michelle Davis
Parent-school partnerships are critical for a child's success. This session will provide both parents and educators with practical tools to evaluate and intervene for a child's academic or behavioral concerns. A strength-based evidence-based approach will provide tools for academic and behavioral problem solving, and reveal powerful ways to strengthen the parent-school partnership. Learn how to use the IEP and 504 plan process to become a more equal partner with the school team.


Presentations at 2012 COPAA (Council of Parent Attorneys and Advocates) Conference


"Parent Training and Counseling: Should it be a Related Service on Your Child's IEP?" by Michelle Davis. Parent Counseling and Training is one of the least utilized related services allowed by IDEA. It can be the most necessary service for a child with a disability. To understand how to obtain this service, it is important to explore how definitions for "Related Services" are applied, including important concepts such as: Data collection, meaningful progress, FAPE, and benefit to the child. Parents and educators need to know when the school district is obligated to provide Parent Counseling and Training, or when the district may be required to fund privately-obtained services. Participants learn how Parent Counseling and Training makes a difference in the provision of a FAPE, and how it positively affects parent-school partnerships.


"A+ IEP Created, What Now?" by Amy Mounce. After spending a great deal of effort and time on the Individualized Education Program (IEP) development, now what do you do? Once the IEP is developed, the importance of implementation and monitoring is often overwhelming and overlooked. Unfortunately, report cards and standardized state testing do not provide enough detailed information to demonstrate whether a student is making meaningful progress. Advocates and parents can initiate and monitor student’s students independently or can collaborate with teachers to collect data. Advocates and parents can present meaningful data that documents a student’s progress, or lack thereof towards IEP goals, to multidisciplinary teams. The teams scan use the data to revise a student’s accommodations, modifications, goals and services. Additionally, a student’s lack of progress may be proven which impacts future IEPs and educational placements. Participants also learn the legal requirements of implementing and monitoring an IEP. Specific methods of data collection to assist with monitoring are explained and methods to collaborate with school teams discussed.


Parent Training and Counseling


At ABCs for Life Success we are passionate about parents being truly equal partners with the multidisciplinary team.   Our new parent training and counseling service will educate and empower you to most effectively assist with the implementation of your child's IEP through convenient, weekly phone sessions facilitated by one of our expert consultants.  Learn about legal and practical considerations in every aspect of the special education process and share your stories, challenges and successes with other parents.  Contact us today for more information and to sign up. 


Progress Monitoring Course


How do you ensure your child's IEP is being implemented and that he/she is making academic progress?  Presenting meaningful data to the multidisciplinary team can document progress or lack thereof toward IEP goals.  This essential information is considered when determining academic progress and revising each IEP component, including determining appropriate educational placements. 
Our new Progress Monitoring Course will educate you about data collection approaches and methods, legal requirements for implementing and monitoring your child's IEP, the connections between data and each IEP component, and more.  Each of the 6 hour-long sessions (conducted over the phone) will also include question and answer time.


If you are interested in participating or receiving more information please email us and include your preferred days (weekdays or weekends) and preferred time of day (morning, afternoon, evening). 


Past Workshops

Working with children with Attention Deficit Disorders

Dr. Paul Livelli recently led a workshop about ADHD for the Boys and Girls Club of Maryland staff. In addition to sharing basic information about ADHD, he provided strategies that can be used in working with a child with ADHD to create a positive environment so that he or she can be successful.


Excerpts from workshop evaluations: " Dr. Livelli kept everyone involved for the full 90 minutes. Very informative and useful." "Extensive knowledge on subject matter, great delivery." "Fun!"


On Your Side:  Advocates to the Rescue!
An informational and practical session for parents, co-sponsored by LDAMC, GT/LD, and CHADD.
Dr. Eric Levine of ABCs for Life Success, an expert in advocacy and instructor for the Special Needs Advocacy Training Institute, informed parents of the basics of advocating for their students.  He fully understands the special education process for both 504 and IEP development and shared practical information about the process as well as the various types of advocates and where parents can turn for extra support.  Students, parents, teachers, and administrators warmly welcomed. 

Going to Bat for Your Child's Education: Advocates share what you need to know
presented by The Howard County Branch of CHADD (Children and Adults with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorders) of Greater Baltimore
Is your child's 504 plan or IEP not being effectively executed at school? Has his or her needs changed requiring a new approach?  What is the school legally required to do and how can you make sure your child's needs are being met?  Revanette Gilmore and Dr. Eric Levine from ABCs for Life Success discussed these issues and shared strategies about how to effectively advocate for your child with his or her school. 

Special Needs Advocacy Training Institute

Parents:  Do you want to become more effective advocates for your children with special needs?

Graduate Students and Professionals:  Are you interested in a career as a Special Needs Advocate?


School Staff and Administrators:  Have you been looking for an opportunity for a deeper understanding of special education law, and what you can do with the resources that you have to work cooperatively with special needs families?

Learn what advocates know so that you, too, can get results that make a difference for each child's future. You will gain an in-depth understanding of all facets of advocacy through supervised practice and application of skills, both during and between sessions taught by practicing advocates, attorneys, psychologists and other related service providers. You will receive individualized feedback from practicing professionals. You will leave this course with the knowledge and skills you need to advocate effectively for children.

The Special Needs Advocacy Resource Book:  What You Can Do Now to Advocate for Your Exceptional Child's Education forms the curriculum for this 4-session course.

One Day Special Needs Advocacy Workshop

This introductory workshop presents an overview of special needs advocacy and is designed for parents, teachers, special educators, related service specialists and mental health providers. Participants will: